Disrupt me, surprise me, challenge me.

Show me something I haven’t seen and I’ll listen to what you have to say. Challenge my eyeballs and my sense of comfort and reality and you will get access to my ears and my brain. If you disrupt and challenge my viewing patterns, I will be alert and reset my brain to take in your new images and message and be open to including you in my consciousness. If you show me situations, characters and images that I already know, I will tune you out and you will waste your money.

Help me remember you.

Give me something or someone I can remember you by, and your messages will begin to add up in my brain and create a more powerful and lasting impression in my mind. That will come in handy when I decide where to go and what to buy. But you still need to keep disrupting me so I pay attention, SO KEEP IT FRESH TOO.

Give me a brand connection.

Make sure that this disruptive and recognizable message, image or character ties strongly to the brand, a brand feature and/or a brand benefit or I will remember the message but not the brand. That is frustrating to clients and a waste of money.

Let me like you.

Be funny, clever or emotional. You need to be something that I want to listen to, or I will tune out. A funny, clever or likeable character or message breaks down walls and creates an emotional connection between me and your company. It will make your message something I look forward to seeing and I might even pass it along to my friends.