Farmer Boys was over 30 years old. Its hay days were over. They had flat check growth and guest count.

They had no CMO.

They were mostly known for variety. They had great food. But they needed to refresh their positioning. They needed focus and an identity.


After meeting with the CEO and President, we dove right in. We assumed the role of CMO, paring the menu, focusing the offerings. We learned that they had won major awards for their burgers. With that powerful info, we repositioned the company as β€œThe award-winning Farm-to-Table Burger.”

We created a new marketing calendar, promoting their signature burgers and their quality farm fresh ingredients.

We created an icon for the brand, the Scarecrow, who leaves his post, (literally) and comes to Farmer Boys to protect the farm fresh burgers at Farmer Boys.

We took a chance to put them on TV and directed and produced the commercials with a bare bones budget. With a meager 2 week media run, we launched! The rest is burger history.


When the TV aired we saw double digit sales and guest increases. Every time the TV ran, there were powerful sales results.

In four short years, this 34 year old brand has experienced 32% guest growth. The Scarecrow is now a famous icon representing the farm literally coming to the table. There is a new CMO in place. The industry-defying growth continues.